GCR2 Program Schedule

Global Community Radio Channel Two Program Schedule

This schedule is shown in Eastern Time followed by Pacific Time. A schedule converted to your local time zone is available upon request. Please send e-mail to globalcommunityradio@gmail.com

This schedule is subject to change.

7AM/4AM Story Untold
10AM/7AM The International Americana Music Show
Noon/9AM Etown
2PM/11AM River City Folk
5PM/2PM Afrosonic Taxi
6PM/3PM VOA News 
7:58/4:58 Sound Beat
9PM/6PM Indigefi


Mid/9PM The Fun Zone With Byron Lee
1AM/10PM Cheeze Pleeze 
1:30/10:30  The Tom and Doug Show
2AM/11PM The Deuce Radio Show
4AM/1AM IMP Indie Mania
5AM/2AM Soft Sounds
4PM/1PM Upfront Soul
6PM/3PM VOA News
7:58/4:58 Sound Beat
8PM/5PM Sounds From the Global Village (1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays)   
8PM/5PM Transworld Airwaves (2nd and 4th Wednesdays)
10PM/7PM Dead Air
11PM/8PM FM Odyssey


2AM/11PM Soundwave
3AM/Mid Deep Threes
5AM/2AM Soft Sounds
11AM/8AM Folktales
2PM/11AM Red Barn Radio
6PM/3PM VOA News
6:05/3:05 African Beat    


Mid/9PM Cafe Blues
1AM/10PM FSN Week in Review
1:05/10:05 At the Crossroads
2AM/11PM Blues Deluxe
2:55/11:55 Blues File
3AM/Mid Blues Highway
5AM/2AM Louisiana Barn Dance
5PM/2PM Simply Eighties  
6PM/3PM Electric City (1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays)
6PM/3PM Planet 9 (2nd and 4th Saturdays)
7PM/4PM Spectrum (1st Saturday)

7AM/4AM Cafe Chill
8AM/5AM Morning Song
9AM/6AM Sounds Irish
8PM/5PM Blues Power (3 Hours, 1st Sunday)
8PM/5PM Balmoral Blues

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