Thursday, April 13, 2017

More Changes Coming to GCR Schedules

As our various hosts encounter changes in their personal and professional lives, they must sometimes change the way in which their radio programs are produced, or, they must end their shows entirely. Both are in the process of hapening here at Global Community Radio.

Thursday, April 13th, we will air the final episode of All Popular Genres Considered. We wish to sincerely think host and producer Bob Cavanaugh for his dedication to the program, and for supplying us with a total of 44 excellent episodes of musical variety. We're sorry to see the show end, and we wish him well in his future endeavors. From time to time, Bob may re-appear on GCR with special programs. We'll be sure to post info about these specials here on the website in order to promote them.

Filling Bob's former time slot is our newest broadcaster "CeeJay" and her new show The Tempest. This show moves from its temporary slot on Wednesday nights, starting Thursday, April 20th, at 10 PM Eastern. Fans of All Popular Genres Considered may well enjoy The Tempest, and its approach to music variety. Please let us know what you think of this exciting new show.

On Wednesdays at 10 PM Eastern, GCR2 is pleased to add The Stone Age, a series of hour long programs presenting the wide variety of electric Rock sounds that came out of the 1960s and 70s. We feel this show will be a nice lead in to FM Odyssey at 11 PM.

There will be a slight change to our Saturday morning nostalgia programming on GCR2. We were very saddened to learn of the passing of Geoff Kemp, who co-hosted The Fabulous 50's Radio show with Paul Peters. Geoff was more than just a co-host of a radio show. He and Paul had known one another for over 40 years. As you can imagine, this has been a very difficult time for Paul. However, he recently informed his radio affiliates that he will be continuing with The Swinging 60's program, and, he will be developing a new 50's music show which will likely be called "The Softer Side of the 50's". These shows will air Saturdays from 10 Am to Noon Eastern on GCR2.

Lastly, there is a change coming to GCR1 on Sunday mornings starting in May. We were recently notified in writing by PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, that the series Humankind will be ending its 20 year run on Public radio at the end of April. GCR1 will air the final episode of the series on Sunday, April 30th at 8 AM Eastern. Right now, we do not know what program will replace it. We are looking at a handful of shows that discuss topics such as religion, spirituality, and how to live a positive lifestyle. We will be discussing this with our partner stations to determine what program will go in to this time slot next month. As always, check this blog for further details.

As always, we thank all of our listeners and our partner stations for their understanding whenever it becomes necessary to make programming changes. Please continue to send us your feedback and your suggestions. They are always greatly appreciated.


Jason Longwell
GCR Station Manager

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Slight change to GCR1 on Sunday nights

We've made a minor change to the GCR1 program schedule during the 11 PM Eastern hour on Sundays.

Recently, Freethought Radio expanded to 50 minutes per week. This meant we had to shorten the length of The Radio Kid's Rant! Well, The Radio Kid has found that this is a bit too restrictive, as many of the topics they discuss require much more time than ten minutes per week. So, we have decided to make the rants an online only feature of the Clearing the Static website, where they are always posted anyway. This way, there will be no time limit for the rants. We are adding a VOA newscast at the top of the hour, and we'll wrap up the hour with a short program from VOA called Asia Weekly.

As always, our apologies for any inconvenience these changes may cause. Thanks for listening to Global Community Radio.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

GCR2 Welcomes New Show

Global Community Radio is pleased to announce the addition of a new show to the lineup of GCR2, our all music stream.

Introducing "The Tempest" a new freeform/music variety show hosted by Cee Jay the DJ, an aspiring young broadcaster with a passion for music and intelligent commentary and discussion. Listeners can expect to hear a wide variety of music on her show ranging form Indie to Pop to Classic Rock, and everything in between. Those of you who like such GCR2 offerings as All Popular Genres Considered, Pemberton's Basement and Radio Serena may find this new show quite appealing.

For now, The Tempest airs Wednesday nights at 10 PM Eastern. I say "for now" because we may be making other programming changes to GCR2 which may impact the scheduling of this program.

So, please listen to the new show, and offer your feedback via email and via her new website.

Thanks for listening to GCR2, where music matters!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Further Changes Regarding GCR1 and ABC Programming

As more programming changes take place at the various networks of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), GCR1 has modified its program schedule.

The documentary series Earshot is now only produced twice a week. We will air the series on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 2:30 AM Eastern. On Thursdays at this time, we have added The Mine Field, a weekly half hour program designed to help us navigate the "mine field" that is modern life. On Fridays, we are pleased to add Rear Vision to our schedule. Rear Vision looks at historical events and how they have had an impact on modern times.

It seems that another documentary series, Pocket Docs, was near the end of its run when we decided to pick it up. So we have repalced it with Extra, another outstanding weekly program from the ABC's RN service which takes an in depth look at some of the past week's most interesting news stories.

Lastly, we regret to announce the cancellation of the outstanding series The Body Sphere. This series was a nice compliment to the All in the Mind series, which, as far as we know, will continue production. Because there were many episodes in the Body Sphere series which we haven't yet aired, and because we feel the subject matter is still very compelling and relevant, GCR1 will continue to offer encores of the series until further notice.

As always, watch this blog for the latest programming news, and other news concerning GCR happenings.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

GCR2 Adds The Midnight Special to its Lineup

Global Community Radio is pleased to announce the addition of one of America's longest running Folk music radio programs to its weekly schedule.

Starting Monday, January 23rd, GCR2 will offer to its partner stations and their listeners The Midnight Special. Founded way back in 1953 at pioneering Public radio station WFMT in Chicago, this weekly two hour program presents the very best in Folk and Acoustic music. Currently, the show is hosted by Rich Warren.

More info can be found at the show's website.

Midnight Special will air on GCR2 every Monday from 10 AM to Noon Eastern. Listeners can hear the program on partner stations WRAQ (FM and Webcast), and WRST (Webcast).

We hope everyone will enjoy this newest addition to our music lineup. As always, your thoughts and ideas on how GCR can serve you better are more than welcome.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

GCR Welcomes New Partner Station

Global Community Radio is pleased to welcome another partner station. Now, listeners in Clay county West Virginia can hear some of the diverse music programming of GCR2 on their community radio station, WYAP-LP "Yap Radio" 101.7 FM, and streaming here.

GCR2 relays are broadcast every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night from 11 PM to 7 AM the following morning.

If you live in and around Clay, WV, and you like what you hear from GCR on WYAP, why not take a moment to let the crew at Yap Radio know what you think of the programming. They would love to hear from you.

Our thanks to Andy and the rest of the folks at WYAP for giving GCR programming a chance on their station.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Big Changes to GCR Program Schedules

As Global Community Radio celebrates its first anniversary on the air, we continue to strive to bring our partner stations and our listeners the highest quality programming available.

To that end, we've made several changes to both GCR1 and GCR2 programming schedules to attempt to better satisfy the wants and needs of both our partner stations and our listeners.

On GCR1, we've made changes weekdays at 2 AM Eastern. We will continue to air DW's Africa Link Tuesday thru Saturday at 2. This will now be followed at 2:30 by two outstanding documentary series' from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Earshot will air Tuesday thru Friday, while Pocket Docs, a weekly half hour program presenting several short documentaries and monologues, will air on Saturdays at 2:30 AM Eastern.

On Mondays at 2 AM Eastern, we are replacing the repeat of DW's Inside Europe with two programs. At 2 AM, it's The Link, a weekly broadcast from Radio Canada International, followed at 2:30 by the weekly program from Radio Sweden. You can still hear Inside Europe on Saturdays at Noon Eastern on GCR1.

Even more changes have come to early Saturday mornings on GCR1. We've decided to replace our WRN programming on Saturdays with more diverse programming that we think you will enjoy.

During the 1 AM hour on Saturdays, we are pleased to add two new programs from DW. These are actually shows from DW Television, but we feel both translate well to an audio only medium. At 1:05, after VOA headlines, we now present Quadriga. This is a weekly roundtable where some of the week's hot news issues are discussed and debated. at 1:30, we offer you Conflict Zone, a weekly one on one interview about a controversial issue. Later on, we present two new programs from the ABC in Australia. At 3:05, you can now hear Counterpoint, a weekly program offering insights and perspectives on a wide range of topics. At 4:05, we present Awaye!, a weekly series highlighting aboriginal and indigenous culture from across Australia and from around the world. Last, but certainly not least, at 5 AM Eastern, we are pleased to add Dialogos Radio to our schedule. Dialogos Radio offers interviews, commentaries, and music, with an emphasis on Greek culture.

Our relays of international public broadcasters continue unchanged Monday thru Friday overnights.

On Saturdays at 10 PM Eastern, we've replace the Adam Ritz Show (due to a lack of new shows for several weeks) with another ABC (Australia) production, The Final Cut, which we feel compliments our other film and entertainment related programs on Saturday nights.

We've made several changes to the GCR2 stream as well. The Radio Thrift Shop; has cut back to sporadic production. We may consider adding it back to our schedule at some point, but, we have chosen to add a new show to our lineup. On Monday night/Tuesday morning at Midnight Eastern, we are pleased to announce the debut of Radio Serena. This is a show offering a wide variety of music, with an emphasis on mixing 90s hits, golden Oldies, and other musical genres in a mix that is a combination of carefully programmed radio with some of the randomness of freeform community radio. This new show is the creation of Serena, or The Radio Kid, co-host of Clearing the Static, and host of The Radio Kid's Rant, both heard on GCR1. Pemberton's Basement now moves to start at 1:00 AM Eastern on GCR2.

A minor change to our Friday Classical programming. We will now alternate two live concert series on Fridays at 8 AM Eastern. We are now airing Concerts From the Library of Congress. Later this year, probably starting in June, we will again air Center Stage From Wolf Trap, and its brand new season of live concert broadcasts.

We've made a few changes to our Jazz program lineup on weekdays. We haven't dropped any Jazz shows, but we shifted the times of some of the shows so that our partner stations can carry shows in their entirety, and not partial programs, and, also, so that the programming will "flow" a bit better.

On Tuesdays, we have swapped time slots for The Jazz Scene and Jazz for the Asking, so that both of Jake Longwell's Jazz programs will now run back to back. On Thursdays, we have shifted Sound Ideas to start at 2 PM Eastern, with Cool Jazz Set at 3, and Gifts and Messages at 5 PM Eastern. Our Friday standards oriented Jazz programming now starts with Anything Goes! With Lise Avery at 2 PM, Radio Deluxe at 3, and Dick Robinson's American Standards by the Sea staying put at 5 PM Eastern.

We have made/will be making changes to our Folk/Acoustic programming as well.

We are looking for a new two hour Folk music program to run on Mondays at 10 AM Eastern. This will replace Folk Scene. This long running program has ceased production, after the passing of its longtime host, Roz Larman. We deeply regret her passing, and we have been honored to air Folk Scene for so many years, as far back as when GCR stook for Geneva Community Radio. We will air reruns of Folk Scene for now, until we find another suitable Folk music show. We would welcome suggestions from any of our partner stations and/or listeners.

On Fridays, some definite changes are being made to our Bluegrass oriented programming. We regret that we had to discontinue our airing of The Bluegrass Review. This is due to the fact that the program is no longer a free to air program. We do not have the funds needed to purchase programming at this time. We wish Phil Nusbaum the best as Bluegrass Review moves forward in 2017. We are shifting Music for the Mountain Bluegrass to start at 10 AM Eastern. Ray Ulan's Bluegrass Experiment is cutting back to a one hour program instead of two hours. This show will now run at 11 AM Eastern. At Noon, we are adding Woodwarbler's Jazzgrass Radio Show. This two hour program offers an interesting mix of Bluegrass and Jazz. We feel this will make for an interesting buffer between our Bluegrass and Jazz programs on Fridays. We hope you will agree.

Our Saturday programming has changes coming to it as well. We are swapping Paul Peters' The Pirate Years, and Kim Clark's 60's pop music show Dig!. Dig! will now run Saturdays at Noon Eastern, with Pirate Years airing Wednesday nights at 10 PM Eastern. We are adding a new Rock show at 4 PM Eastern called Geezer Rock. This program offers new tracks from iconic rock and roll artists. You're not likely to hear these new tracks on your typical Classic Rock radio station. This will shift Saving the 70s, Motown Memories, Spectrum and Upfront Soul to each start one hour later. For now, the weekly Blues FM program is on hiatus due to some health issues experienced by the host, Left Enright. We wish him a speedy recovery, and will do what we can to return the series to our Blues programming when new shows become available.

As you can see, there are a lot of changes here! As always, we want feedback from our partner stations and our listeners. Tell us what you think! E-mail us at with your thoughts on how we can better improve our programming.

All the best,

Jason Longwell
GCR Station Manager