GCR3 Program Schedule

This schedule is shown in Eastern Time followed by Pacific Time. A schedule converted to your local time zone is available upon request. Please send e-mail to globalcommunityradio@gmail.com

This schedule is subject to change.


Mid/9PM Late Night Chicago Radio
1AM/10PM Jazz Progressions
2AM/11PM 3rd Streaming
4AM/1AM Adagio
5AM/2AM Ancient and Modern
6AM/3AM Classical Guitar Alive7AM/4AM The Piano Matters
8AM/5AM Between the Keys
9AM/6AM Wind and Rhythm
10AM/7AM Morning Classics
Noon/9AM A Tempo
12:30/9:30 Spoiler Alert Radio
1PM/10AM Feature Story News
1:05/10:05 Filmspotting
2PM/11AM Feature Story News
2:03/11:03 The Cool Jazz Countdown
3PM/Noon Feature Story News
3:05/12:05 Jazz Variations
5PM/2PM Jazz Worldwide
7PM/4PM Jazz With David Basse
10PM/7PM Old Time Radio Classics


Mid/9PM What's New
1AM/10PM ABC Classic FM Relay
6AM/3AM Picture Perfect
7AM/4AM The Score
8AM/5AM Classical Tones
10AM/7AM The Spanish Hour
11AM/8AM Fiesta!
Noon/9AM Feature Story News
12:05/9:05 The Screen Show
1PM/10AM The Treatment
1:30/10:30 The Business
2PM/11AM Todd's Turntable
3PM/Noon Jazz Most Wanted
4PM/1PM Jazz for the Asking
5PM/2PM The Jazz Scene
6PM/3PM Magazine
7PM/4PM Jazz With David Basse
10PM/7PM Upstate Radio Theatre
11PM/8PM Feature Story News
11:05/8:05 Tuned to Yesterday


Mid/9PM Classical Music For Everyone
1AM/10PM ABC Classic FM Relay
6AM/3AM Collectors' Corner
8AM/5AM Intermountain Classics
10AM/7AM New York Philharmonic This Week
Noon/9AM Writer's Voice
1PM/10AM New Letters on the Air
1:30/10:30 The Poet and the Poem
2PM/11AM Judy Carmichael's Jazz Inspired
3PM/Noon Blue Dimensions
4PM/1PM Movin' Straight Ahead
5PM/2PM Inside Jazz
6PM/3PM Cocktail Nation
7PM/4PM Jazz With David Basse
10PM/7PM Same Time, Same Station


Mid/9PM Connections
1AM/10PM ABC Classic FM Relay
6AM/3AM Millennium of Music
7AM/4AM The Lost Chord
8AM/5AM Half Past
9AM/6AM Classical Music on the Third Floor
Noon/9AM The Book Show
12:30/9:30 Bookworm
1PM/10AM Bookwaves
1:30/10:30 Feature Story News
1:35/10:35 Lost and Found
2PM/11AM Sound Ideas
3PM/Noon The Cool Jazz Set
5PM/2PM Gifts and Messages
7PM/4PM Jazz With David Basse
10PM/7PM Old Parlour Radio
11PM/8PM Feature Story News

11:05/8:05 Tuned to Yesterday


Mid/9PM Beethoven to Bernstein
1AM/10PM ABC Classic FM Relay
6AM/3AM Baroque and Beyond
8AM/5AM Center Stage From Wolf Trap
9AM/6AM Feature Story News
9:05/6:05 DW Concert Hour
10AM/7AM Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Noon/9AM Feature Story News
12:05/9:05 The Art Show
1PM/10AM Arts Express
1:57/10:57 Reel Discovery
2PM/11AM Anything Goes! With Lise Avery
3PM/Noon Radio Deluxe
5PM/2PM Dick Robinson's American Standards by the Sea
7PM/4PM Jazz With David Basse
10PM/7PM Retro Radioland
11PM/8PM Feature Story News
11:05/8:05 Golden Days of Radio
11:30/8:30 Radio Theater Project


Mid/9PM Music From Other Minds
2AM/11PM Martian Gardens
5AM/2AM Classics and Beyond
6AM/3AM The Bookshelf
6:55/3:55 Shelf Discovery 
7AM/4AM The Stage Show
7:54/4:54 Classics for Kids
8AM/5AM Tell Us a Tale
8:30/5:30 Confetti Park
9AM/6AM The Children's Hour
10AM/7AM FSN Week in Review
10:03/7:03 Music Mountain
Noon/9AM The Lyric Stage
1PM/10AM Fascinatin' Rhythm
2PM/11AM Jazz Boulevard
4PM/1PM Down the Road
6PM/3PM The Swing Era
7PM/4PM The Make Believe Ballroom
8PM/5PM Retro Cocktail Hour
10PM/7PM Modern Jazz Today


Mid/9PM Fourth Corner Jazz
1AM/10PM Smooth Jazz Weekend
2AM/11PM Acid Jazz
4AM/1AM Jazz Odyssey
6AM/3AM Music and the Spoken Word
6:30/3:30 Sing for Joy
7AM/4AM With Heart and Voice
8AM/5AM Sounds Choral
9AM/6AM Harmonia
10AM/7AM Early Music Now
11AM/8AM Weekend Radio
Noon/9AM Curtis Calls
1PM/10AM The Dress Circle
1:58/10:58 In a Broadway Minute
2PM/11AM Footlight Parade
3PM/Noon Portraits in Blue and Green
4PM/1PM FSN Week in Review
4:05/1:05 Hot Jazz Review
5PM/2PM Strike Up the Band
6PM/3PM Dream Farm Radio
7PM/4PM Night Lights
8PM/5PM Afterglow
9PM/6PM Jazz After Dark
10PM/7PM Full Moon Hacksaw

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