Saturday, February 13, 2016

Changes to GCR1 Sunday Schedule

Notice to Listeners and Rebroadcasters:

Recently, John Sullivan, host of Skeptical Sunday, announced that he was ending production of his program. This means that there is a new lineup in place on GCR1 from 10 PM to Midnight Eastern on Sundays.

Effective immediately, we will be expanding our radio/media block to three hours on Sunday with the addition of Wavescan and This Week in Radio News. At 11 PM Eastern, we retain the program Freethought Radio, which was a popular feature on Skeptical Sunday. At 11:45, we are adding a new weekly feature called The Radio Kid's Rant!. This is a mini rant from The Radio Kid of Clearing the Static. The rant will be about topics that are not radio or media related. We think this will make for an interesting way to wrap up your weekend listening!

As always, please feel free to submit your feedback about our programming. It is very much appreciated.

Jason Longwell
GCR Station Manager

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