Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Changes to the GCR2 Schedule

Dear GCR Listeners and Partner Stations:

Effective in April, GCR2 will make some program changes to its GCR2 music service.

Due to personal circumstances, Raoul, the host of The Rock Pile, has had to cease production of this program. We deeply regret this, as we feel this was not just another Classic Rock show. We hope at some point that the show can resume production. Raoul will continue to host and produce Jazz From the Left, which we air on Sundays from 6 to 8 PM Eastern.

This will cause the following changes on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

10:00 PM Dig! - A new show to GCR. A one hour program of music from the Psychedelic era produced by Delmarva Public Radio.
11:00 PM FM Odyssey - Moves one hour later.
2:00 AM Soundwave - This eclectic hour of music is moving from its former late Sunday night timeslot

The move of Soundwave from its former timeslot will allow GCR2 to bring back to its schedule the weekly Jazz/Blues/Comedy show 12th Street Jump. We had been airing this during our daytime Jazz block. However, one of our partner stations raised concerns about some of the adult content of the humor within the show. As such, we felt compelled to drop this show and replace it with Blue Dimensions, another fine music intensive Jazz product. We feel that airing 12th Street Jump Sunday nights/Monday mornings at the end of our Sunday Jazz block would be more suitable.

Another change is coming to Thursday nights on GCR2. We are discontinuing the program US Top 20.FM. This is because the show is constantly running way longer than its allotted one hour slot. This has caused concerns for some of our partner stations, especially in terms of running the required top hour station ID. We also feel this is unfair to other late Thursday night/early Friday morning programs which start much later than the listed start times on the program schedule.

We are instead going to offer listeners and partner stations a brand new show which is, for now, unique to GCR2. It's called All Popular Genres Considered. Your host is Bob Cavanaugh, a young visually impaired radio enthusiast from the Seattle area. Each week, Bob will present a wide range of popular music, with an emphasis on tunes from the 1990s to the present, but with some surprises thornw in from time to time. We feel that this new show will appeal to fans of the popular music of today and of the recent past. This show will debut April 7th at 10 PM Eastern.

If you have questions or comments about these changes, or any of GCR's programming, please send them to

Thank you to our listeners and our partner stations for their continued support.


Jason Longwell
GCR Station Manager

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