Sunday, April 2, 2017

Slight change to GCR1 on Sunday nights

We've made a minor change to the GCR1 program schedule during the 11 PM Eastern hour on Sundays.

Recently, Freethought Radio expanded to 50 minutes per week. This meant we had to shorten the length of The Radio Kid's Rant! Well, The Radio Kid has found that this is a bit too restrictive, as many of the topics they discuss require much more time than ten minutes per week. So, we have decided to make the rants an online only feature of the Clearing the Static website, where they are always posted anyway. This way, there will be no time limit for the rants. We are adding a VOA newscast at the top of the hour, and we'll wrap up the hour with a short program from VOA called Asia Weekly.

As always, our apologies for any inconvenience these changes may cause. Thanks for listening to Global Community Radio.

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