Sunday, January 17, 2016

Programming Changes at GCR2

Dear Listeners and Rebroadcasters:

In the short time GCR2 has been on the air, it is already necessary to make some significant program schedule changes. This is mainly due to the fact that a couple of programs we were hoping to gain the rights to shortly after launch, are, apparently, not available to us at this time. We had been airing repeats of previously aired shows in the time slots we reserved for the unavailable programming. At Global Community Radio, we don't like repeats/reruns, and we strive to offer as many outstanding shows as we possibly can in our schedules. So, we are making some changes to ensure the best "flow" possible when it comes to the sound of GCR2.

Among the changes are:

Strike Up the Band, a show of classic Big Band music, moves to Saturdays at 10 AM.

Jazz Progressions, focusing on free Jazz and Jazz Fusion, will move to Tuesdays at 6 PM, and will be the last show in the Tuesday block of Jazz programs which all shift one hour earlier.

The Flip Side, focusing on classic 45 rpm records, moves to Saturdays at 3 PM. This will shift our other vintage Rock N Roll programming to start Saturdays at 11 AM with The Fabulous 50's Radio Show.

Thrift Store Vinyl Hour, offering classic vinyl with an emphasis on classic Country and Rock, moves to Mondays at 1 AM, pushing the eclectic music program Soundwave to start at Midnight, and Full Moon Hacksaw to start Sundays at 10 PM

We are adding a third hour of Broadway music on Sundays at 3 PM, as we begin airing Stage Notes, from WXXI Public Broadcasting in Rochester, New York. This will move Cafe Jazz to 4 PM Sundays.

We are adding the eclectic music show Deep Threes on Thursdays from 3 to 5 AM. This show offers such genres as Ambient, Electronica, and Experimental music, among others.

All other programming remains the same. We do not anticipate anymore programming changes to GCR2 in the near future. There may be a few changes coming to GCR1 as well, and those details are being worked out at this time. We'll post the details when they have been finalized.

We apologize to our listeners and our partner stations for any inconvenience these changes may cause. Unfortunately, more often than not, when you are running a non-commercial radio service that is based almost entirely on gratis programming, change is inevitable. Please be assured Global Community Radio will always stive to present the highest quality, and the widest variety of commercial free programming from around the world. As always, we welcome comments and suggestions from everyone. Listeners and partner stations alike.

Kind regards,

Jason Longwell
Global Community Radio Station Manager

GCR Welcomes New Rebroadcaster

Global Community Radio is pleased to welcome college radio station WWLR 91.5 FM at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, Vermont as a rebroadcaster. WWLR will be retransmitting a generous portion of GCR2's diverse music programming to portions of Vermont and New Hampshire. Our thanks to Matt Taylor and the rest of the crew at WWLR for choosing to partner with Global Community Radio to fulfill their programming needs. We sincerely hope WWLR listeners will enjoy the diverse music they will hear on GCR2.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Thank you to our affiliates.

In the short time Global Community Radio has been on the air, we are amazed at the positive response we have received not only form listeners, but, from local community radio stations. We want to welcome our first three local rebroadcasters.

WRAQ (92.7) "Angelica Community Radio" Angelica, New York
WXDR (98.9) "Dolphin Radio" New Orleans, Louisiana
Channel One Radio (Internet) Edmonton, Alberta

We thank the management at these stations for allowing us this truly special opportunity to offer diverse music and informational programming to their local communities! We look forward to welcoming more campus and community radio stations as the awareness of GCR and its services increases.

If you know of a local campus or community radio station that may be interested in rebroadcasting parts of GCR's programming, please e-mail us at