GCR3 Program Schedule

Global Community Radio Channel Three Program Schedule

Program times are given for the Eastern and Pacific time zones in that order

This schedule is subject to change.


Mid/9PM Late Night Chicago Radio
!AM/10PM Feature Story News
1:03/10:03 Cool Jazz Weekly
2AM/11PM Feature Story News
2:03/11:03 Cool Jazz Weekly Extra
3AM/Mid Jazz Progressions
4AM/1AM Notes From the Jazz Underground
5AM/2AM Writer's Voice
6AM/3AM Classical Guitar Alive
7AM/4AM The Piano Matters
8AM/5AM Between the Keys
9AM/6AM Wind and Rhythm
10AM/7AM WFMT Orchestra Series
Noon/9AM Lunchtime Concert
2PM/11AM A Jazz Hour
3PM/Noon Jazz Variations
5PM/2PM Jazz Worldwide
7PM/4PM Jazz With David Basse
10PM/7PM Same Time, Same Station


Mid/9PM 3rd Streaming
2AM/11PM Adagio
3AM/Mid Classics and Beyond
4AM/1AM Ancient and Modern
5AM/2AM A Tempo
5:30/2:30 Spoiler Alert Radio
6AM/3AM Picture Perfect
7AM/4AM The Score
8AM/5AM Classical Tones
10AM/7AM The Spanish Hour
11AM/8AM Fiesta!
Noon/9AM Lunchtime Concert
2PM/11AM Todd's Turntable
3PM/Noon Jazz Most Wanted
4PM/1PM Jazz and the American Spirit
5PM/2PM The Jazz Scene
6PM/3PM Discovering Jazz
7PM/4PM Jazz With David Basse
10PM/7PM Upstate Radio Theatre
11PM/8PM Feature Story News
11:05/8:05 Tuned to Yesterday


Mid/9PM Classical Music for Everyone
1AM/10PM Living American Composers
2AM/11PM Connections
3AM/Mid Beethoven to Bernstein
4AM/1AM Compact Discoveries
5AM/2AM Filmspotting
5:54/2:54 Reel Discovery
5:57/2:57 Shelf Discovery
6AM/3AM Collectors' Corner
8AM/5AM Concierto
10AM/7AM New York Philharmonic This Week
Noon/9AM Lunchtime Concert
2PM/11AM Judy Carmichael's Jazz Inspired
3PM/Noon Blue Dimensions
4PM/1PM 4th Corner Jazz
5PM/2PM Jazz Focus
6PM/3PM Cocktail Nation: Evenings at the Penthouse
7PM/4PM Jazz With David Basse
10PM/7PM Relic Radio
11PM/8PM Feature Story News
11:05/8:05 Tuned to Yesterday


Mid/9PM Duet
1AM/10PM Passenger
2AM/11PM Legends
3AM/Mid The Game Show
4AM/1AM Screen Sounds
5AM/2AM The Treatment
5:30/2:30 The Business
6AM/3AM Millennium of Music
7AM/4AM The Lost Chord
8AM/5AM Half Past
9AM/6AM Classical Music on the Third Floor
Noon/9AM Lunchtime Concert
2PM/11AM Sound Ideas
3PM/Noon In the Groove: Jazz and Beyond
4PM/1PM Live at the Bop Stop
5PM/2PM Jazz Straight Ahead
7PM/4PM Jazz With David Basse
10PM/7PM The Old Time Radio Hour
11PM/8PM Feature Story News
11:05/8:05 Tuned to Yesterday


Mid/9PM Martian Gardens
2AM/11PM Music From Other Minds
5AM/2AM Arts Express
6AM/3AM Baroque and Beyond
8AM/5AM Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts
10AM/7AM Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Noon/9AM Lunchtime Concert
2PM/11AM Anything Goes! With Lise Avery
3PM/Noon Radio Deluxe
5PM/2PM Dick Robinson's American Standards by the Sea
7PM/4PM Jazz With David Basse
10PM/7PM Feature Story News
10:05/7:05 Tuned to Yesterday


Mid/9PM The Radio Art Hour
1AM/10PM All Things Cage
2AM/11PM Morning Classics
5AM/2AM FSN Week in Review
5:05/2:05 The Bookshelf
6AM/3AM The Book Show
6:30/3:30 Bookwaves
7AM/4AM New Letters on the Air
7:30/4:30 Confetti Park
8AM/5AM The Children's Hour
9AM/6AM Feminine Fusion
10AM/7AM Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
11AM/8AM The Lyric Stage
Noon/9AM The Opera Show
2PM/11AM Jazz Boulevard
4PM/1PM Down the Road
6PM/3PM The Swing Era
7PM/4PM Make Believe Ballroom
8PM/5PM Retro Cocktail Hour
10PM/7PM Modern Jazz Today


Mid/9PM Latin Explosion
2AM/11PM Acid Jazz
4AM/1AM Situation Fluxus
5AM/2AM FSN Week in Review
5:05/2:05 The Art Show
6AM/3AM Music and the Spoken Word
6:30/3:30 Sing for Joy
7AM/4AM With Heart and Voice
8AM/5AM Sounds Choral
9AM/6AM Harmonia
10AM/7AM Early Music Now
11AM/8AM Weekend Radio
Noon/9AM Reel Music
1PM/10AM The Dress Circle
1:58/10:58 In a Broadway Minute
2PM/11AM Footlight Parade
3PM/Noon Chicago Jazz Live
4PM/1PM FSN Week in Review
4:05/1:05 Hot Jazz Review
5PM/2PM Jazz Made in Australia
6PM/3PM Dreamfarm Radio
7PM/4PM Night Lights
8PM/5PM Afterglow
9PM/6PM Jazz After Dark
10PM/7PM Full Moon Hacksaw