GCR2 Program Schedule

Global Community Radio Channel Two Program Schedule

Program times are given for both the Eastern and Pacific time zones in that order.

This Schedule is subject to change.


Mid/9PM The Flip Side
1AM/10PM Cafe Chill
2AM/11PM The Breeze With Kyle Jameson
5AM/2AM Soft Sounds
6AM/3AM Flower Power Show
9AM/6AM Motown Memories
10AM/7AM Wandering Minstrels
11AM/8AM VOA News
11:05/8:05 Acoustic Cafe
12:56/9:56 Shelf Discovery
1PM/10AM VOA News
1:05/10:05 The Bluegrass Connection
2:56/11:56 Shelf Discovery
3PM/Noon Train to Skaville
4PM/1PM Dancehall/Reggae Show
6PM/3PM Radiostoyevsky
7PM/4PM The Global Village With Chris Heim
7:58/4:58 Sound Beat
8PM/5PM Worldbeat Canada Radio
9PM/6PM Nuestra Musica
9:58/6:58 The Loh Down On Science
10PM/7PM All Mixed Up


Mid/9PM Radio Serena
1AM/10PM The Lively Lounge
2AM/11PM Something Beautiful
3AM/Mid Lake Air
4AM/1AM Lake Air Deep Tracks
5AM/2AM Soft Sounds
6AM/3AM Oldies Time Machine
7AM/4AM Story Untold
10AM/7AM International Americana Music Show
11AM/8AM Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour
Noon/9AM eTown
1PM/10AM Art of the Song
2PM/11AM 50 Years Of Country
4PM/1PM Songwriters From Here And Away
5PM/2PM Afrosonic Taxi
6PM/3PM RootsWorld Radio
7PM/4PM The Global Village With Chris Heim
7:58/4:58 Sound Beat
8PM/5PM World Mix Radio
10PM/7PM Indigenous in Music


Mid/9PM The Fun Zone
1AM/10PM Cheeze Pleeze
1:30/10:30 Tom and Doug Show
2AM/11PM The Deuce Radio Show
3AM/Mid Independent Music Show
4AM/1AM Soundwave
5AM/2AM Soft Sounds
6AM/3AM Mop Tops and the King
7AM/4AM Big Bob's Memory Lane
10AM/7AM Out of the Woods
Noon/9AM Chenango Sessions
1PM/10AM Sing Out! Radio Magazine
2PM/11AM Upfront Soul
4PM/1PM BantuNauts Raydio
6PM/3PM Trance-Formational Listening
7PM/4PM The Global Village With Chris Heim
7:58/4:58 Sound Beat
8PM/5PM Sounds From the Global Village (1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays)
8PM/5PM Transworld Airwaves (2nd and 4th Wednesdays)
9PM/6PM Indigefi
10PM/7PM Dead Air Radio Show
11PM/8PM FM Odyssey


2AM/11PM The First Wave
3AM/Mid Deep Threes
5AM/2AM Soft Sounds
6AM/3AM Crusin' the Decades: 100 Years of Music
7AM/4AM VOA News
7:05/4:05 Relics and Rarities
8AM/5AM That Driving Beat
10AM/7AM High Country Celtic Radio
11AM/8AM Sometimes Folk
11:58/8:58 Sound Beat
Noon/9AM Live From the Fur Peace Ranch
1PM/10AM Tent Show Radio
2PM/11AM Red Barn Radio
3PM/Noon Ozark Highlands Radio
4PM/1PM Green Bubble Tea
6PM/3PM The Modern Jetset
7PM/4PM The Global Village With Chris Heim
7:58/4:58 Sound Beat
8PM/5PM Donne del Mondo
9PM/6PM Celt in a Twist
10PM/7PM Hiprawk Nation


Mid/9PM Goldtimers
12:58/9:58 Sound Beat
1AM/10PM Musical Starstreams
3AM/Mid Drum & Bass With DJ Pfeif
5AM/2AM Soft Sounds
6AM/3AM Treasure Island Oldies
10AM/7AM Music for the Mountain Bluegrass
11AM/8AM The Smokin' Bluegrass Show
Noon/9AM Woodwarbler's Jazzgrass Radio Show
2PM/11AM If That Ain't Country
5PM/2PM Culture Caravan
6PM/3PM World Pop Radio
7PM/4PM The Global Village With Chris Heim
7:58/4:58 Sound Beat
8PM/5PM The Latin Alternative
9PM/6PM The Brazilian Hour
10PM/7PM Blue Light Central
11PM/8PM Beale Street Caravan


Mid/9PM Digital Blues
1AM/10PM VOA News
1:05/10:05 At the Crossroads
2AM/11PM VOA News
2:05/11:05 Blues Deluxe
3AM/Mid RFA Blues Show
5AM/2AM Halfway to Jackson
6AM/3AM Dollar Country
7AM/4AM Marion's Attic
8AM/5AM Rapidly Rotating Records
9AM/6AM That Thing With Rich Appel
Noon/9AM Every Little Thing: The Beatles Radio Show
1PM/10AM Stuck in the Psychedelic Era
3PM/Noon Rockin' in the Days of Confusion
4PM/1PM That 70s Sound
5PM/2PM Blast From the 80s
6PM/3PM Blast From the 90s
7PM/4PM The Chartcrush Top Ten Countdown Show
8PM/5PM Solid Gold Soul Countdown
10PM/7PM Todd Baptista's Wax Museum
11PM/8PM Juke in the Back


Mid/9PM Bill Has the Blues
3AM/Mid Southern Roots
4AM/1AM Rhythm Country and Blues
5AM/2AM Northern Lights: The New Age Show
7AM/4AM Beyond the Barrier
9AM/6AM Sounds Irish
11AM/8AM Nash Holos
Noon/9AM Tim's Oompah Hour
1PM/10AM The Rhythm Connection
3PM/Noon Ambassador Radio
5PM/2PM The Piano Men
6PM/3PM Studio B
7PM/4PM Country Corner
8PM/5PM Direct From Muscle Shoals
9PM/6PM Little Bit of Everything
10PM/7PM Sonic Cafe
11PM/8PM Boppin' With Beth
11:57/8:57 Reel Discovery