Monday, August 22, 2022



Hi Everyone.

Well, it's happened. We are now on a new server for GCR1 and 2. It is a newer server just like the one used for GCR3. It is my sincere hope that the frequent stream/server crashes we have been experiencing of late will be resolved now for the most part. I am sorry that I wasn't able to give you all any advance notice of this move. My streaming host went ahead and moved the streams as soon as I asked them to do so. Details are below. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE SO I KNOW YOU ARE STILL GETTING SERVICE!



Thank you, everyone, for your patience and understanding as this move was being made. If you are having trouble connecting to the new streams, PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY!

If you are using GCR3 programming on your station, that URL remains the same.

Thanks for your continued partnership.


Jason Longwell
GCR Station Manager

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Changes to GCR2 Sunday Schedule

On the heels of some major changes to GCR1's weekday schedule, GCR2 has made some changes to its Sunday lineup, particularly concerning our New Age, Electronic, and Relaxation programming. 

Due to personal circumstances, Kyle Jameson has decided to discontinue his Portraits in Sound program. He continues to host a weekly three hour program on WQNA-DB in Springfield, Illinois called The Breeze. We have added a new two hour Electronic music show called Beyond the Barrier hosted by Wisconsin native Chris Kuborn. Chris formerly hosted the syndicated modern Jazz series Jazz ODC. We continue to offer Programs such as Northern Lights, Cafe Chill, Morning Song, and The Lively Lounge among others.

Please refer to the updated GCR2 schedule for all the details. 

Thanks for listening.

Friday, August 12, 2022

NOTICE: Big Changes to GCR1 Monday-Friday 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific Hour

Dear GCR Partner Stations and Listeners:

It is with deep regret that we are no longer able to offer relays of the Newshour program from Al Jazeera English television. Changes made by Al Jazeera to their audio page on the network's website have made it impossible for our recording software to automatically capture the live stream for delayed broadcast. Attempts to then access the audio via the network's live Youtube stream have also proven to be unsuccessful for a variety of reasons, including Youtube's insertion of random ads during the live stream disrupting the program audio. As stated above, we are sad to lose access to content from a venerable international broadcaster such as Al Jazeera, but, it is a situation that cannot be helped at this time. If and when circumstances change, we may consider bringing this content back to GCR1 if there is enough of a demand for it. Those still wishing to watch and/or listen to Al Jazeera English may still do so 24/7 via Youtube and the network's own web portal.

Going forward, we are pleased to offer English language content from two more international broadcasters. At 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific, we are pleased to announce the return to GCR of RAE Argentina's daily English language program. At 6:30/3:30, we welcome a new broadcaster to our already diverse lineup, as we now offer the daily English news and features program from Radio Algeria International. The Loh Down on Science segment will continue to be heard at the end of this hour.

As always, we thank our partner stations and our listeners for their patience and understanding in these matters. Also, as always, we encourage you to send us feedback about the programming changes. Send e-mail to


Jason Longwell
GCR Station Manager

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Big Changes to GCR1 Schedule

 Dear GCR Listeners and Partner Stations:

GCR is pleased to announce changes to its GCR1 program schedule. We believe that these changes will make the channel even more diverse in that there will be even more international perspectives offered on a daily basis. We are also adding programs catering to niche audiences, including weekly shows touching on workplace culture, and issues of interest to seniors. At the same time, GCR1 remains true to its commitment to offering many of its long running program offerings in the fields of world news and progressive views.

Among the changes to our international broadcast relays, are the addition of daily English programs from Radio Bulgaria and Voice of Nigeria. We are also adding a daily 30 minute international newscast from All India Radio, and a morning news bulletin from DW in Germany. Also, due to the ongoing and ever changing events currently taking place in Ukraine, we are adding a daily program from the Voice of America called Flashpoint Ukraine.

Please see the updated GCR1 schedule on this website for all the details. As always, your feedback about these changes is very much appreciated. Let us know how GCR can better serve you! Send e-mail to