Sunday, August 14, 2022

Changes to GCR2 Sunday Schedule

On the heels of some major changes to GCR1's weekday schedule, GCR2 has made some changes to its Sunday lineup, particularly concerning our New Age, Electronic, and Relaxation programming. 

Due to personal circumstances, Kyle Jameson has decided to discontinue his Portraits in Sound program. He continues to host a weekly three hour program on WQNA-DB in Springfield, Illinois called The Breeze. We have added a new two hour Electronic music show called Beyond the Barrier hosted by Wisconsin native Chris Kuborn. Chris formerly hosted the syndicated modern Jazz series Jazz ODC. We continue to offer Programs such as Northern Lights, Cafe Chill, Morning Song, and The Lively Lounge among others.

Please refer to the updated GCR2 schedule for all the details. 

Thanks for listening.