Global Community Radio is a non-profit, non-commercial, listener-supported community radio service. GCR exists to supply campus and community radio stations worldwide with a free 24/7 programming service which can be used to fill unused hours on their stations with fully hosted music and spoken word programming.

Our programming comes from a wide variety of sources. These include public broadcasters, other community radio stations, and independent producers from around the globe.

Our goal is to bring diverse music and perspectives to an international audience. We offer three distinct program streams for stations to rebroadcast.

Global Community Radio Channel One "News and More"

GCR1 presents the best informational and educational programming from around the world. Listeners to GCR1 can expect to hear a variety of perspectives on the events that shape our world. In addition, GCR1 provides educational and informational programming on a variety of subjects, including health and wellness, science and technology, the environment, human rights, LGBT issues, programming for women, persons with disabilities, and other groups whose voices are often times underrepresented in the mainstream media. Stay informed, and expand your mind. Listen to GCR1.

Global Community Radio Channel Two "Where Music Matters"

If you love music, GCR2 has you covered! From Folk to Oldies, Blues to World Beat, Classic Country to Classic Hip Hop, Metal to Bluegrass and Comedy to Electronica, GCR2's programming emphasizes music discovery, while also presenting some familiar artists that no longer receive much airplay on the radio. Our program hosts are experts in their respective music genres. They know the music they are presenting, and give you so much more than just the titles and artists of the songs they play. Listen to GCR2, and hear forgotten favorites, and be introduced to artists and genres that you've never heard before. Tune in and hear why GCR2 truly is the station where music matters!

Global Community Radio Channel Three "Your Connection to the Arts"

GCR3 focuses on fine arts programming. Musically, the channel emphasizes Classical music and Jazz. We offer the full range of Classical music from Early Music to Contemporary Composition. For Jazz fans, we offer the full spectrum of America's Original Art Form from Dixieland and Swing to Fusion and Acid Jazz, and everything in between. On Sundays, we feature two hours of music from Broadway and the rest of the Musical Theatre scene. But GCR3 is more than a music station. We also present several hours per week of talk shows focusing on various aspects of the arts such as film, books, and the stage. Weeknights, GCR3 offers two hours of sounds from the Golden Age of Radio, also known as the "Theater of the Mind", along with some more contemporary radio drama in the classic radio theatre tradition. So, whether you want to offer your listeners a live Classical concert, Classic or Modern Jazz, or great radio memories, GCR3 is your best choice for arts oriented programming.


Global Community Radio began life as Geneva Community Radio in late 2010. Geneva Community Radio was created to bring community radio to the Geneva, New York community as a low power FM radio station. We partnered with the Geneva Community Center and the Boys and Girls Club of Geneva to try to build the best possible community radio station for the Geneva area. In spite of our good intentions, and due to the incompetence of the engineering firm we hired to prepare and submit our license application to the FCC, the FM radio project fell apart. GCR founder Jason "Jake" Longwell did not give up on his dream of building a unique community radio station. He decided to rebuild GCR on a much larger scale. The first step was to rename the station Global Community Radio. It was then decided to offer GCR as a free service for other noncommercial radio stations to use to supplement their own programming with fully hosted programs which were likely not available on any other radio stations in their communities. in December of 2015, Global Community Radio signed on with two streams. Among the first radio stations to sign on board as "partner stations" were WRAQ in Angelica, New York, and WXDR in New Orleans. In April of 2018, GCR expanded to three channels of quality noncommercial programming. Today, GCR is rebroadcast by many low power FM and Non Commercial Educational FM radio stations, along with a few Internet Radio Stations. We anticipate adding more partner stations as awareness of the service grows.

Global Community Radio strives to offer its partner stations and their listeners the very best in noncommercial radio programming. Feedback from both radio stations and listeners is critical to achieving this goal. Please contact GCR any time with your thoughts, comments and suggestions about programming. If you are a radio station that is interested in adding GCR to your lineup, we'd love to discuss that with you as well. Please send e-mail to globalcommunityradio@gmail.com

Thanks for listening to and supporting community radio!