How to Listen

Partner Stations

Portions of all three Global Community Radio streams are rebroadcast by several terrestrial and internet radio stations. Some stations use GCR programming to fill very specific time slots in their program schedules, while others use GCR on an "as needed" basis. We suggest that you contact the individual stations for the latest information regarding their use of GCR.
Below is a list of current partner stations. Please be aware that this list is subject to change. If you are connected with a radio station that is interested in rebroadcasting Global Community Radio streams, please e-mail, or call 315-217-1308.

KBOG Bandon, Oregon (97.9 FM)
KCHW Chewelah, Washington (102.7 FM and Webcast)
KFZR Frazier Park, California
(93.3 FM)
KIEZ Monroe, Louisiana
(106.7 FM)
KJZX-LP Austin, Texas
(101.9 FN)
KPDO Pescadero, California (89.3 FM)
KQRU-LP Santa Clarits, California (107.9 FM)
Kutztown University Radio Kutztown, Pennsylvania (Internet)
Nashville Revolution Radio Nashville, Tennessee (Internet)
NoCo.FM Fort Collins, Colorado (Internet)
The Window (Internet)
WGHC Chicago, Illinois (98.3 FM)
WIUP Indiana, Pennsylvania (90.1 FM)
WMUU Madison, Wisconsin (102.9 FM)
WNPA Canton, Ohio (102.5 FM and Webcast)
WNUZ Gap, Pennsylvania (92.9 FM)
WRAQ Angelica, New York (92.7 FM and Webcast)
WXDR New Orleans, Louisiana (99.1 FM and Webcast)
WYAP Clay, West Virginia (101.7 FM and Webcast)

Online Streams

Global Community Radio offers online feeds of its programming solely for the benefit of our licensed partner stations who need to retrieve the stream URLs for their automation systems, for perspective licensed partner stations wishing to audition GCR programming for future consideration, and for hosts and producers of current and future programs on GCR. If you are connected to any of the above entities, you may access this audio for short periods of time. These streams are not intended for extended listening or mass consumption. Misuse of these streams will result in their immediate removal from this website. Please refer to the list of partner stations above for extended listening options. If your local campus, community or public radio station is not offering GCR programming in your area, please contact them and tell them you want them to carry our service. Or, email us at with the name of the station, and their contact information, and we will act upon it as soon as possible.Thank you for respecting our wishes concerning the use of these audio feeds.

Click here for GCR1, here for GCR2, or here for GCR3.