Friday, February 3, 2017

Further Changes Regarding GCR1 and ABC Programming

As more programming changes take place at the various networks of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), GCR1 has modified its program schedule.

The documentary series Earshot is now only produced twice a week. We will air the series on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 2:30 AM Eastern. On Thursdays at this time, we have added The Mine Field, a weekly half hour program designed to help us navigate the "mine field" that is modern life. On Fridays, we are pleased to add Rear Vision to our schedule. Rear Vision looks at historical events and how they have had an impact on modern times.

It seems that another documentary series, Pocket Docs, was near the end of its run when we decided to pick it up. So we have repalced it with Extra, another outstanding weekly program from the ABC's RN service which takes an in depth look at some of the past week's most interesting news stories.

Lastly, we regret to announce the cancellation of the outstanding series The Body Sphere. This series was a nice compliment to the All in the Mind series, which, as far as we know, will continue production. Because there were many episodes in the Body Sphere series which we haven't yet aired, and because we feel the subject matter is still very compelling and relevant, GCR1 will continue to offer encores of the series until further notice.

As always, watch this blog for the latest programming news, and other news concerning GCR happenings.