Friday, April 20, 2018

GCR3 Welcomes New Partner Station

Global Community Radio is pleased to announce the addition of a new partner station in one of America's most musically diverse cities.

GCR welcomes KJZX-LP "Jazz ATX" in Austin, Texas. Jazz ATX can be heard in Austin at 101.9 on the FM dial. This is Austin's first, and only, all-Jazz formatted radio station. It is also one of only three all-Jazz stations in the entire state of Texas.

Jazz ATX will present most of GCR3's daily Jazz schedule, in addition to programming from The WFMT Radio Network. Most importantly, the station will develop close relationships with the local Jazz community in Austin, and will be developing their own locally hosted content as the station grows.

Our thanks goes out to Eric Truax, and the rest of the staff at Jazz ATX for partnering with Global Community Radio. We look forward to a long, fruitful partnership.

Slight Changes to GCR1 Weekday "Shorts"

Thanks to some astute listeners, we've made some changes to the weekday "shorts" that air during the 9 AM and 5 PM (Eastern) hours.

The daily UN News in Brief segments are not always available in time for airing during the 5 PM hour. Because GCR strives to present the most current, up to date news programming, we're shifting UN News to the following morning at 9:25 Eastern, to ensure we get the latest audio every day.

This will in turn cause a few of the other "shorts" (short form features that we air in between or right after newscasts).

As always, the up to date schedule is right here on this website.

Thanks for your understanding, as GCR does its best to present accurate, up to date, current news and feature programming.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

GCR3 Schedule Tweaking

We want to thank everyone for their positive feedback about the new GCR3. Though it's only been on the air for a few days, the positive feedback we have received thus far has been amazing. We're tweaking the schedule of the new service just a bit as we move forward, all in an effort to offer our partner stations and listeners the best service possible.

One significant change we've made from our original plans concerns the overnight/early morning hours during the week. We've decided to experiment with offering a relay of ABC Classic FM from Australia, Monday thru Friday from 1 to 6 AM Eastern. Listeners will be treated to several of their specialty Classical music offerings, including Music in Time, Passenger, and Game Show, along with Classic Drive, offering a lively, eclectic mix of Classical performances from around the world. Feedback about these relays is very much wanted, and appreciated. Please send e-mail to

In addition, we're now offering three hours of the syndicated Old Time Radio show Tuned to Yesterday, Monday thru Thursday from 10 PM to 1 AM Eastern. Again, feedback would be appreciated.

Stay tuned as we strive to being you a fine arts radio service you can be proud of.

Jason Longwell, GCR Station Manager

Friday, April 13, 2018

GCR Welcomes New Partner Station

Global Community Radio is pleased to welcome the latest community radio station to join our network of local rebroadcasters. This time, we welcome KPDO, 89.3 FM in Pescadero, California. We have been in talks with KPDO management for quite a while, as they have worked tirelessly to build out their radio station. Now, KPDO is ready to start broadcasting, bringing diverse programming to Pescadero and surrounding communities in Northern California.

KPDO will rebroadcast programming from all three GCR streams, as well as programming from Radio Bilingue, a mostly Spanish language public radio service. Together, we will all strive to give this community a radio station it can be proud of.

We salute the staff of KPDO for their dedication to their community, and we look forward to a long lasting partnership between our two stations.

Monday, April 9, 2018

GCR Expands to Three Streams

Global Community Radio is pleased to announce that it is expanding its program offerings to three 24 hour streams. The new GCR3 will debut on Sunday, April 15th. GCR3 will focus on Classical music, Jazz, and other Fine Arts programming. The Classical and Jazz programming currently on GCR2 will all be shifted to the new GCR3. GCR2 will then be able to offer its listeners and partner stations more diverse music programming. There will be greatly expanded blocks of Folk and Acoustic music, Country, World, Oldies, Rock and Blues. We will also add Top 40 and Urban programming as well.

There will also be changes made to GCR1 as well. We will be offering more world news and lecture series' on GCR1, as it becomes more of a "thinking person's" radio station.

Please keep an eye on this blog for more details on the new, expanded GCR. In the coming days, we will be updating program schedules, and making all the necessary changes to our streams' automation systems, as we prepare for this exciting new chapter in Global Community Radio's legacy.

As always, thanks must go to all our listeners and partner stations for their continued support of Global Community Radio.