Monday, April 9, 2018

GCR Expands to Three Streams

Global Community Radio is pleased to announce that it is expanding its program offerings to three 24 hour streams. The new GCR3 will debut on Sunday, April 15th. GCR3 will focus on Classical music, Jazz, and other Fine Arts programming. The Classical and Jazz programming currently on GCR2 will all be shifted to the new GCR3. GCR2 will then be able to offer its listeners and partner stations more diverse music programming. There will be greatly expanded blocks of Folk and Acoustic music, Country, World, Oldies, Rock and Blues. We will also add Top 40 and Urban programming as well.

There will also be changes made to GCR1 as well. We will be offering more world news and lecture series' on GCR1, as it becomes more of a "thinking person's" radio station.

Please keep an eye on this blog for more details on the new, expanded GCR. In the coming days, we will be updating program schedules, and making all the necessary changes to our streams' automation systems, as we prepare for this exciting new chapter in Global Community Radio's legacy.

As always, thanks must go to all our listeners and partner stations for their continued support of Global Community Radio.