Wednesday, March 15, 2017

GCR2 Welcomes New Show

Global Community Radio is pleased to announce the addition of a new show to the lineup of GCR2, our all music stream.

Introducing "The Tempest" a new freeform/music variety show hosted by Cee Jay the DJ, an aspiring young broadcaster with a passion for music and intelligent commentary and discussion. Listeners can expect to hear a wide variety of music on her show ranging form Indie to Pop to Classic Rock, and everything in between. Those of you who like such GCR2 offerings as All Popular Genres Considered, Pemberton's Basement and Radio Serena may find this new show quite appealing.

For now, The Tempest airs Wednesday nights at 10 PM Eastern. I say "for now" because we may be making other programming changes to GCR2 which may impact the scheduling of this program.

So, please listen to the new show, and offer your feedback via email and via her new website.

Thanks for listening to GCR2, where music matters!