Thursday, November 10, 2016

GCR1 Programming Changes

Dear GCR1 Partner Stations and Listeners:

We've recently made some changes to our program schedule for Global Community Radio Channel One. These changes were made due to changes to, or the cancellation of, a few GCR1 programs.

We recently dropped Maternally Yours Radio due to the lack of new episodes. We're sorry to see this series go away, as we felt it served as a very educational and informative series for expectant and new mothers. If a similar series becomes available in the future, we will certainly consider adding it to our program schedule. In the meantime, we have added The Bioneers, a series focusing on a variety of environmental and social issues, Healty Moments, a short weekly module on a variety of health topics, and For Women Over Forty, a series dealing with a variety of issues facing women as they age. This hour of new programming runs on Tuesdays from 10 to 11 AM Eastern.

The youth magazine Pulse, produced by DW in Germany, has been cut back to 20 minutes per week. We will continue to air Pulse every Friday at 4:30 PM Eastern. To round out the half hour, we are adding a short human interest segment from VOA called American Cafe, running at around 4:50 PM Eastern.

Lastly, it appears that the Canadian drama series Decoder Ring Theatre has transitioned from an audio podcast to a video podcast series. As GCR is a radio service, we don't feel this transition fits well with our mission. So, we have added The Radio Theater Project, a series of radio drams recorded live at community station KSVR in Skagit Valley, Washington. This series will air Saturdays at 11:30 PM Eastern. Stay tuned for more developments concerning the !! PM hour on Saturdays.

As always, feedback from station managers and listeners alike is always welcome.

Thanks for listening to and supporting Global Community Radio

Jason Longwell
GCR Station Manager