Monday, July 30, 2018

GCR Program Schedule Changes

Here are the latest schedule updates for Global Community Radio.

Last week, we began experiencing difficulties accessing the podcast files for VOA Border Crossings. To be perfectly honest, this show was added to GCR2 as an experiment to see if there was any interest in Top 40 music among our partner stations and their listeners. So far, the program has not received much feedback, and the feedback we did receive was not positive. This, paired with the sudden lack of accessibility has caused us to decide to drop the program from GCR2. In its place, we're trying another VOA music program which is still offered as a podcast. It's called African Beat, and offers listeners a daily mix of the latest in African music. We feel this will be a welcome addition to the World music programming already heard on GCR2. So, tune in weekdays at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific to hear this new addition to the schedule. Also, because of the similarities between African Beat and VOA's weekend program, Music Time in Africa, we are moving Music Time to Sundays at 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific, swapping time slots with Journey Without Maps, which will now air on Monday 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific. Feedback is very much wanted.

On GCR1, we are discontinuing Voices and Views. There have not been any new episodes posted to their website in quite a while, and, the program is focusing more and more on local issues only relevant to Colorado. So, we are discontinuing the series for the time being. In its place, to compliment Positive Parenting, we are bringing back the series Parents Perspective. We had been airing this series while it was still in production. Even though there are no new episodes available, there were over 500 programs produced in the series. It is our belief that most of these episodes contain valuable insights into parenting which are still relevant today. If and when a new series on parenting, education, or other related topics becomes available, we will consider placing it into this time slot.

Thank you for listening to and supporting Global Community Radio.