Thursday, August 23, 2018

Changes to GCR3 Schedule

GCR3 has made changes to its program schedule. First, we've received feedback stating that some listeners would like to hear Old Time Radio every weeknight, and the modern radio drama/science fiction was not as well received. To accommodate these requests, we are adding two hours of Tuned to Yesterday on Fridays from 10PM to Midnight Eastern. We may reinstate some of the modern radio drama at another time slot if one becomes available.

Also, changes coming to our Classical music programming. We were informed recently by WWFM in Trenton, New Jersey that Well-Tempered Baroque has ended its run, as the host has left the station to pursue other endeavors. We are replacing this program with Millennium of Music. The show will now air Thursdays at 7AM Eastern. Temporarily, it will continue to air in its original time slot of Sundays at 9AM Eastern. This will be changing soon, as we're in talks with some other programmers to add more Classical programming. Watch this space for further details.

As always, thanks for listening to and supporting Global Community Radio.