Monday, June 18, 2018

GCR Loses Harmonia, But Gains Millennium of Music

Dear GCR3 Listeners and Partner Stations:

Global Community Radio was recently notified in writing that WFIU/Indiana University would be changing the way in wich its longtime Early Music series, Harmonia, would be distributed. Beginning next month, the program will be exclusively distributed by Public Radio International (PRI). Unfortunately, PRI, and many other pubic radio distributors, charge exorbitant fees for the rights to carry the programs they distribute. GCR is of the opinion that these fees are deliberately marked up because it is assumed by said distributors that all non-commercial radio stations have access to Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) funding, arts grants, and a base of rich donors to help pay the ridiculous carriage fees they charge. As has been explained many times before, Global Community Radio has mo money to purchase programming. GCR relies on the generosity of program producers and distributors who make their content available gratis. At the same time, we realize that, in the radio business, as with most things in life, circumstances change. We deeply regret the loss of Harmonia, as we've carried the program as far back as the old Geneva Community Radio days, but, it's a situation we have no control over whatsoever. We wish the crew of Harmonia well in their new endeavor. Fortunately, we WILL be able to carry Indiana Public Media's other syndicated programming (Afterglow and Night Lights on GCR3, and A Moment of Science, Earth Eats, and Focus on Flowers on GCR1) as these shows will continue to be distributed in the same manner.

Beginning Sunday, July 2nd at 9 AM Eastern/6 AM Pacific, GCR3 is proud to offer its listeners and partner stations the long running series Millennium of Music. Each week, Millennium of Music features a wide array of musical styles from "the thousand years before the birth of Bach". Fortunately, this series is now available to Global Community Radio for free. Previously, we would have had to pay for the series under its previous distribution platform. GCR3 is excited to add this well kown and respected Public Radio series to its Classical music programming. We sincerely hope you will enjoy the program.