Saturday, June 2, 2018

One More Change to GCR1 Sunday Night Schedule

Dear GCR1 Listeners and Partner Stations:

As I alluded to in my ;ast blog post, there's one further change to the GCR1 Sunday evening schedule. I did not want to make this announcement until I was absolutely certain that everything was ready in order for this change to take place.

Recently, PCJ Media announced that it would be discontinuing the weekly production of Media Network Plus. They did not give a specific date for the end of the series, only stating that it would end "sometime over the Summer". I had been wondering what to do when this occurred, and quite by chance, the answer came to me a few weeks ago.

GCR is going ahead and dropping MNP from our lineup effective this weekend. You will now hear Wavescan at 9:30 PM Eastern/6:30 Pacific. ARRL Audio News will follow at 10 PM/7 PM, and Skeptoid at 15 past the hour.

The biggest development in all of this is the new program that will air at 10:30 PM Eastern/7:30 Pacific.

Global Community Radio is pleased to announce to its listeners and partner stations that, once again, GCR has broken new, original ground with an exciting new series which, as of now, is exclusive to GCR1 and its partner stations.

GCR is proud to introduce "Intellectual Thoughts of a Teenage Girl". This new, weekly half hour program is hosted by Nykole "Nykki" Garland. Nykki is an aspiring 17 year old radio personality from Tucson, Arizona. I had the pleasure of meeting Nykki in an online forum recently, and she expressed a strong desire to be on the radio, as well as a passion for traditional terrestrial radio that is not often seen in today's younger generation.

I am proud to give Nykki her first "big break" in radio by giving her this time slot to showcase her auditory creativity. Each week, Nykki will discuss topics and issues which she feels are relevant to teens and young adults. She is not afraid to tackle controversial issues such as gun control, politics, religion, and other issues that shape our world. In addition, Nykki will share some personal stories and insights which will allow listeners to get to know her on a far more personal level. You will not want to miss a single episode of this new series, as you never know what she'll say next!

I sincerely hope that listeners and station managers will find this new series to be both informative and entertaining. I ask everyone to please keep in mind that this is Nykole's first attempt at a serious radio program. Please be patient and understand with her as she finds her way and strives to improve the quality of the show. I, and a few others, will be working with her in the coming days and week to help make this series the best it can possibly be.

I encourage everyone not only to listen to the new show, but, also, to send along your comments, questions and suggestions. You can email the program directly at and the new website for the show is Podcasts of the show will be available for on-demand listening and downloading soon.

Global Community Radio looks forward to working with Nykki Garland, and to helping her grow into a true radio professional. Welcome aboard, Nykki!

NOTE: This new series is available to any non-commercial radio station that wants to add it to their weekly schedule. You do not need to participate in Global Community Radio in order to air the series. GCR partner stations can air the series at another day and time that is more convenient for them if the Sunday airing on GCR1 is not convenient.

Any questions regarding the show can be emailed to the above address, or to

As always, thank you for your continued support, as GCR continues to strive to be a true innovator in community radio.

Jason Longwell
GCR Station Manager